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Deserunt irure cillum


Dairy & Cheesemaking Consultants

Consultant locations are listed for the convenience of those who are seeking out these services.  Many of the consultants are willing to travel nationwide.
Neville McNaughton, CheezSorce (Missouri) cheesemaking, plant design, aging rooms, cheesemaker training Dave Potter, Dairy Connection (Wisconsin) specialists in dairy cultures Peter Dixon, Dairy Foods Consulting (Vermont) cheesemaking, other dairy products, facilities design, problem resolution, course instruction John Fugazzie (New Jersey) marketing consultant with extensive dairy and cheese experience Eldore Hanni, Farmstead Fresh Inc (Pennsylvania) training in making a variety of farmstead natural cheeses Jim Amory, Jumpstart Cheese Resource (Pennsylvania) consulting on site, laboratory cheese analysis; 800-859-5196; extensive experience in medium-sized cheese plants Jim Wallace, New England Cheesemaking Supply (Massachusetts) artisan cheese making and affinage Shannon Rice-Nichols (Massachusetts) Dairy and creamery consulting, HACCP planning (certified).  Traditional dairy breeds; organic, biodynamic and other eco-label certification processes and audit trails. Harold Schuller, C. van't Reit Technology, a.k.a. Schuller (in U.S.) specializes in Dutch-style cheeses, as well as excellent cheese making equipment Malcolm Stogo, Ice Cream University (New Jersey) private one-on-one consulting, annual retainer program available Tharp & Young, On Ice Cream (various locations in U.S.) ice cream specialists; custom, on-site training available International David Asher, Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking (British Columbia) travels to sites in Canada for workshops Danlac Inc (Canada) dairy plant planning, equipment procurement, process consultation Margaret Morris, Glengarry Cheesemaking (Canada) cheesemaking, cultures, course instruction, floor plan design Kathy Biss, West Highland Dairy (Scotland) cheesemaking, course instruction, general consulting Suruchi Consultants (India) dairy plant engineering and consulting, mini dairy plants Tharp & Young, On Ice Cream (Latin America, Asia Pacific) ice cream specialists; custom, on-site training available

Consultants in Related Fields

The Cheese Snob  (New England, NYC Metro) consultant for those interested in learning more about marketing cheese, especially in cheese shops; on-site consultations available Dr. Temple Grandin livestock behavior, livestock facilities design, humane slaughter Gray-Robinson's Food Law Group  (Florida) group of lawyers and former regulators who offer guidance and advice regarding federal and state laws that govern the production, processing, distribution and retail sale of food and beverages