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Equipment - U.S.

Agri Service LLC - See Dairy Heritage Analytical Technologies (New York)  Milk testing equipment for fat, protein, lactose and total solids. Anco Equipment, LLC  Specializes in Stainless Steel Process and Storage Equipment for the Food Processing industry with a focus on Dairy. We offer jacketed and single shell tanks that can be customized to fit your application. Anderson Instrument Co. (New York) Producers of the most commonly used chart recorders for the small-scale dairy industry. Bob-White Systems (Vermont) Technology, equipment and more for the small scale farmstead production of artisan dairy products. Some used equipment. Butter Pat Machine  On researching for a list member looking for a small-scale butter pat machine, I found the FLAD at several culinary equipment sites. Capralite Milking Machines Located in Wade, NC.  We sell all over the United States.  Phone 888-310-9606 Cole-Parmer (Illinois) Laboratory equipment, good source of pH meters. CoolBot (New York) Thermostatic controller that turns a standard air conditioner into a cooler that works down to near freezing temperature. COOL! Custom Drains (national sales office - Rhode Island) Stainless Steel Drains and Custom Fabricated Trench Drains - Open Trough and Slot Drains. Phone 888-244-3417 Dairy Engineering Co. (Colorado) Dairy equipment fabrication, also used equipment. Offices in West and Midwest. Dairy Fab LLC (Wisconsin)   a.k.a. curdknives.com Specializes in custom curd knives and harps, including repairs. Dairy Heritage (Maryland)   formerly Agri-Service LLC Manufacturer of small to mid sized dairy and cheese equipment. Also nice selection of used equipment. DairyLink  Easy to use web site featuring classified ads for dairy (not creamery) and farm equipment, dairy forum and links to other sites. Darlington Dairy Supply (Wisconsin) Design, engineering, fabrication, installation, start-up services. Cheese on Wheels modular dairy plant. Eischen Enterprises (California) Specializes in reconditioned equipment for dairy processing. Emery Thompson Ice Cream Freezers (Florida) Builders of batch freezers in the USA for the frozen dessert industry for over 100 years. Emery Thompson, grandfather of our President & CEO Steve Thompson, invented & patented the modern day batch freezer. Feldmeier Equipment (NY, AL, IA, NV) Small and large stainless steel fabrication. One cheesemaker in NE had them create a pasteurizer for him. Francis Creek Electronics  Manufacturers of dairy milking equipment, specializing in automatic take-off. Genemco (Texas) New and used food processing equipment. They will send weekly e-mail updates. Hamby Dairy Supply (Missouri) Dairy equipment, a few processing items. Heritage Equipment Co (Ohio) New and used processing equipment. Hinkel Associates (North Carolina) Used equipment list online. HM Company USA (California) Manufacturer of gelato ice cream equipment: Batch Freezer, Pasteurizer, Blast Freezer (phone 408-899-9068) International Machinery Exchange (Wisconsin) New and used processing equipment. Custom Duo-Vat pasteurizer, filling and packaging equipment. Ivarson, Inc (Wisconsin) Butter and cheese equipment. I've never had them answer an e-mail, so call if you have a question. Jaybee Precision (Ohio) Makers of The Vat pasteurizer, now in 4-, 15- and 30-gallon sizes.  They also now carry a range of other products such as chillers, churns, separators and more. Kleen-Flo (Indiana) Relatively new U.S. manufacturer of small-scale dairy processing items, including pasteurizers, churns, vats, draining tables, presses, curd knives and more.  Custom fabrication available. Kusel Equipment (Wisconsin) Cheese vats and other processing equipment, new and used. MicroDairy Designs (Maryland) Fabricator of very small-scale commercial vat pasteurizers, 2 to 12 gallon processing capacity; also a chiller and a countertop filling/packaging machine. Microthermics (North Carolina) (According to them), the leading manufacturer of laboratory and small production scale pasteurizers and aseptic processing equipment. Page & Pederson Intl (Massachusetts) Primary product of interest is the Lacti-Check Milk Analyzer, which determines fat, solids, protein, added water and density. Parts Department (Connecticut) New milking equipment and many parts for existing systems. Salvage House Equipment (Nebraska) Salvage House is a family owned and operated company of over 50 years that specializes in BUYING, SELLING, and TRADING good, used equipment; primarily in the dairy industry. Please contact us with what you have or what you need. Schier Company (Oklahoma) Large inventory of used dairy processing equipment, including some small stuff. Simple Milking Equipment (Utah) Milking Machines for cows, goats and sheep. We have everything from milking machines and milk processing equipment, to supplies and parts. W M Sprinkman Corp (Franksville, WI) Manufacturer of 30- to 300-gallon on-farm butter churns Stanpac (Texas, Canada) Small-scale ice cream filling equipment. A. Steele Co. (Wisconsin) Farmers' market equipment - scales, cash registers, canopies, wireless credit card terminal, more. C. van't Reit Technology, a.k.a. Schuller in U.S. (Pennsylvania) Nice 13-265 gallon (50-1000 liter) pasteurizers imported from Holland, plus cheese and butter equipment. Wilpack Packaging (Illinois) Specializes in equipment and supplies for sealing cups with foil seals, including small table-top models. Wisconsin Dairy Supply  Primarily bulk tanks, but also carry some other used equipment.  They will ship overseas.

International Equipment Resources

Alliance Pastorale (France) French catalogue with dairy equipment to die for. ALPMA (Germany) German maker of cheese and butter equipment, available from Ivarson in US. Beguet (France) Another French web site with a variety of cheesemaking equipment. BouMatic (international) International supplier of milking and other dairy equipment and supplies. Carpigiani (Italy) Italian-made ice cream & gelato machines, whipped cream dispensers. Coquard (France) French supplier with interesting equipment. Web catalogue is somewhat difficult to use, but you can order paper copy. Dairy Machinery UK  (United Kingdom) Variety of dairy equipment available.  Danlac (Alberta, Canada) Danlac supplies new and used cheese making equipment for dairy processors. Fromagex (Canada) Fromagex carries a variety of imported equipment. Mahesh Eng. Works  (India) Manufacturer of milk separators and other dairy equipment.  Milking Solutions (United Kingdom) Manufacturer and supplier of spare parts and equipment for Gascoigne Melotte milking machines. Mini Turnkey Dairy - Suruchi Consultants (India) Small-scale dairy processing plants and equipment. MITHRAEUM (Slovenia) “beautiful stainless steel products,” including 100-1000 liter pasteurizers Qualtech (Canada) Pasteurizers in sizes starting at 125 liters (about 33 gallons), plus other cheese and butter equipment. Bilingual web site. Tetra-Pak (international) Continuous ice cream freezers and ice cream processing equipment and supplies. Uma Instruments (India) Product  range  includes  various  Labs  instruments like  polarimeter, spectrophotometer, milking machine , milk analyzer, crean separators and many more laboratory products. Vermeltfoort Small Dairy Equipment (shipped from Europe) New site with equipment for small dairies.