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Home Dairy News - back issues

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Contents:  Making Your Own Cheese; Suggested Resources for Beginners; Fromage Frais

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Currently available as set of remaining issues: Vol 1, #8 Who Does What on a Dairy Farm? (Milking Stand), Goat Milk Paint Vol 3, #7 The Day Milk Fever Hit Our Farm; Milk Fever in Cows; Pasture Perfect (book review); Dulce de Leche #8 Cheese Dreams Come True, Preparing for a Hurricane (The Milking Stand) Vol 4,  #3 The Recipe Issue -- recipes for making dairy products and using them #4 The Home Cheese Cave, How and Why to Build a Wine Cellar (book review) #5-6 Double Issue - Dairy Breeds and Their Milk (cows and goats) #7 Getting Started in Cheesemaking, Goat Dairying in New Zealand #8 Dairy Sheep and Their Milk; Dairy Sheep Breeds, Suburban Cheesemaking and Other Ramblings (Note:  Volumes 5 and 7 consist of all double-size issues -- HDN changed to six issues per year in 2006.) Vol 5, #1 Rona’s Beeswaxing Method, The NAIS: What’s It To You?, Cheesemaking Workshop with Jim Wallace, Milking Goats in Hawai’i #2 A City Dairy; Feta - Easy, Versatile and Quick!; Recipes from Rona - yogurt, soft, buttermilk and hard cheese #6 Make Your Own Rennet; In Your Own Backyard (sustainability); Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?; The Milking Stand; holiday recipes; Encyclopedia of Country Living (book review) Vol. 7, #1 Quark, Quark, Quark; Home Dairy News to Live On; Moving to Paradise; The Butter Bell; Cheese and Cheese-Making (book review)

Past Issues -- Out of Print

(We expect to have online downloads of these available in the not-too-distant future) Vol I (2002) #1 Mozzarella Cheese, The Milking Stand (monthly column, mostly on goats) #2 Springtime at the Home Dairy, The Milking Stand, What to Do With All That Goat Milk, Spring Butter #3 Pasture Management for the Family Cow (part I), The Milking Stand, A Story of Faith and Hope, Old-Fashioned Cottage Cheese #4 Pasture Management for the Family Cow (part II) #5 Let’s Make Yogurt!, The Milking Stand, Goat Browse, Buttermilk Cheese #6 Summer’s Delight (Ice Cream), Recipes and Book Reviews #7 Moving Up to a Milking Machine, The Milking Stand #9 Life with Ernie -- First Year with a Milk Cow #10 The Birth of Cheese: Lactic Versus Rennet Curd; Cheese Dreams; aged unpressed goat cheese (Milking Stand) #11 Keep it Clean: Sanitation in the Home Dairy; Review of Home Cheese Making; The Culprits: A Lineup (dairy pathogens); The Milking Stand: Wassail Vol II (2003) #1 Why Groundhog Day is a Dairy Holiday (The Milking Stand); Tips on Cleanliness and Pest Control; La Canadienne -- an Unusual Family Cow; Creole Cream Cheese #2 Home Remedy Saves Buttercup’s Injured Teats, Creme Brulee recipe, Birthing the Babies (Milking Stand), Cheese Yields of Dutch Belted Milk #4 So Many Cheeses, So Little Time (part 2), How to Bandage a Cheese #5-6 Double Issue: Soiling -- An Option for the Mini-Farm (about growing your own feed), Bo-Peeping (Milking Stand), Caerphilly Cheese, Milking Sheep, Measuring Titratable Acidity, Confused About Fat? #7 Suburban Camembert-Style Cheese, Giving Cheesemaking Demonstrations (Milking Stand) #8 Goat Milk Composition, Differences by Breed (Milking Stand), Aging Gracefully - Mold-Ripened and Washed-Rind Cheeses; Blessed are the Cheesemakers (Book Review) #9 Aging Gracefully - Hard and Special Needs Cheeses, Why I Love Fresh Milk, Goat Milk Composition - Differences by Breed (Milking Stand) (continued) #10 Aging Gracefully -- Denizens of the Cheese Cave, Cheeses & Wines of England & France, With Notes on Irish Whisky (Book Review) Vol. III (2004) #1 Milk Differences and Late Lactation Milk (conclusion -- Milking Stand), Water Wars #2 Oh, No! Blown Cheese!, Fancy Butters, Queso Blanco #4 The Art of Pasteurizing, Cheesemaking 201 with Jim Wallace #5-6 Double Issue - Getting Cultured (all about starter cultures); Traveling Cheesemakers (The Milking Stand); Bacteriophage!; Who Sells What?; What’s in that Culture?; Natural Starter Cultures; What’s Wrong With My Starter? Book Review -- The Cheesemaker’s Manual; the Maslin pan #9 Winter’s A-Comin’ (The Milking Stand); Queso Asadero #10 Sharing Your Cheese (Cheese Plates, Cheese Boards, Cheese Courses), Books about Cheese Vol. IV (2005) #1-2 Double Issue - Finding Creamo; The Case for Unhomogenized Milk; Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon and Raw Milk; Review - - Nourishing Traditions; Sharing a Dairy Animal; Legal Availability of Raw Milk; Milking Stand #9-10 Double Issue - More Camembert Please, Home Dairy Hodgepodge (Milking Stand), The Other Dairy Animals, Myth-conceptions about Lactose, National Animal ID System, Macaroni & Cheese (recipe) Vol. V (2006) - with this volume, HDN changed to double-size, bimonthly issues. #3 Our Invisible Culture of Life; Kefir Rediscovered! and Wild Fermentation (book reviews); Old World Cheese in a New World; Recipes for Lactic Curd Cheeses; Bonnyclabber Class at Heamour Farm; ALBC on NAIS; Q&A on cultures and rennet #4 Aging Cheese: Where to Begin?; Middle-Aged Cheese Maven Tells All (the Milking Stand); (Probably) More Than You Want to Know about Rennet; Plant-Based Coagulants; The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook (review); Create Your Own Soothing Smoothies #5 Suburban Mozzarella-Style Cheese; You Can't Keep 'em All - or Can You? (The Milking Stand); The Home Wine Cellar: A Complete Guide to Design and Construction (book review -- wine cellars and cheese caves have a lot in common); Cheese Rind Artistry; Old- Fashioned Hot Chocolate (recipe) Vol. VI (2007) #1 Sustainable Living in Montana; Do Weeds Make Good Feeds?; Goats and Organic Food Production; Turn Your Trash Into Treasure’ The Cow Economy & Keeping a Family Cow -- book reviews; The Udderly EZ Milker; The Eurocave #3 Not-So-Plain Vanilla; Camembert, Brie & Blue Cheese Making Guide (book review); Rind Formation in Camembert and Brie Cheese; Some Interesting Resources on the Web; California Hispanic-Style Cheeses #4 What's Going On in an Aging Cheese?; Where to Get Stuff; Making Our Purchases Count; Followup on the EZ Milker; Green Cheese - What's That About?; Pennsylvania Dutch Cup Cheese #5 Alpine Cheeses; Baby Swiss and Gruyère; Alpine Cheese Recipes; Raw Milk Resource Guide (book review); Fancy Cheese in American (book review); The Last (Milking) Stand; Swiss Cream recipe #6 The Holiday Recipe issue; The Omnivore's Dilemma (book review); Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (book review) Vol. VII (2008) #2 Washed Rind Cheeses; Health Awareness Seminar (Weston A. Price); Organic Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows Contains Higher Levels of Beneficial Nutrients; Cleaning Up With Dairy Goats; The Cheese Enthusiast -- Introduction #3 The Color of Cheese (annatto); Acidity vs. pH; Raw Milk Production Handbook (book review); Consumers' Guide to Fresh, Whole, Unprocessed Milk: Safe Handling (materials review); "Then It Was Too Late"