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Ingredients - also see Supplies

Dairy Connection  (Wisconsin) Excellent source of cultures, rennet and other dairy supplies, oriented to the small producer, now including hobbyists. Danlac (Canada) Canadian supplier with interesting assortment of cultures, enzymes and other items. Wide range of cheesemaking recipes available for $5 each, or free with culture purchase. Fromagex (Canada) If you are looking for access to French cultures and equipment, try Fromagex. Their site is bilingual and personnel are very friendly. They have an excellent on-line catalogue and will special order. Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply (Canada) Full line of cultures and other ingredients.   Web site and customer service folks are bilingual and easy to work with. Kelley Supply, Inc (Wisconsin) Cultures and other ingredients, lab supplies, packaging and safety supplies. Web site has useful links to regulatory agencies. Vivolac (Indiana) Providers of dairy cultures. No experience with these folks. Anyone know if they sell in small quantities? Walcoren (Canada) Canadian company making GMO-FREE and ORGANIC Certified RENNET. We make CALF, GOAT & SHEEP RENNET. Please contact us for our SPEC. SHEETS and PRICE LIST.