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Cheese Guilds and Trade Groups California Artisan Cheese Guild Maine Cheese Guild New York State Farmstead & Artisan Cheesemakers' Guild Ohio Farmstead-Artisan Cheese Guild Ontario Cheese Society has joined CheeseLover.ca Oregon Cheese Guild Specialist Cheesemakers Association  (U.K.) Southern Cheesemakers' Guild Syndicat des producteurs de chèvres du Québec Vermont Cheese Council Washington Cheese Guild (Washington State) Washington State Cheesemakers Association Wisconsin Dairy Artisan Network Dairy Breed Organizations Other Dairy & Support Organizations American Cheese Society American Micro Dairies is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that promotes and facilitates the local, sustainable and humane production and sale of farm fresh milk. AMD supports the movement to re-establish the direct link between farms and consumers worldwide. Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) - offers accreditation for high-welfare, independent family farms and offer grants, advising and marketing assistance. ATTRA (used to be Appropriate Technology Transfer something-something, now National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service) - excellent resource for small-scale farmers - Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research & Development, including the Wisconsin Dairy Artisan Research Program. Cornucopia Institute - a watchdog group for organic production; organic dairy is a major emphasis. Sign up for their alerts! The Dairy Practices Council is a non-profit organization that publishes detailed educational guidelines for the dairy industry. In recent years they have done more on small-scale operations and small ruminants. SmallDairy.Com visitors can take 15% off any DPC Guideline product. Visit the DPC web site, order guidelines, and enter Discount Code: smalldairy The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund assists small-scale farmers on legal issues; they have been in the forefront when it comes to defending raw milk producers. Fédération des Producteurs de Lait du Québec Food & Water Watch keeps readers informed on many issues involving protection of food and water.  Sign up for action alerts! National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) - see ATTRA Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance has resources for organic and transitioning dairy farmers, organic production educators, certifiers and interested consumers. Oldways Cheese Coalition supports the production of artisan, raw-milk, and traditional cheese. Our diverse educational programing and advocacy efforts make us a leading authority in the cheese community. Raw Milk Association of Colorado - association of raw milk producers and consumers who advocate for the availability of traditional raw milk products and seek to ensure a safe supply. Slow Food is an international organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of traditional foods.  They host huge cheese festivals in Italy in alternate years, as well as international meetings of food producers. Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center The Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota has a nice artisan cheesemaking page. University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture has various resources available to small-scale farmers.  By searching the site you can find old newsletters and other information from the Small Ruminant Dairy Project, which appears to no longer be in existence. The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese no longer offers workshops, but has ongoing research projects. The Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research web page has a free Dairy Pipeline newsletter available online. Unfortunately the CDR discontinued their cheese database.  Online Discussion Groups There are many dairy- and animal-related discussion groups on YahooGroups. Just go to the site and type in the name of the group or search for your area of interest. Be specific. Most likely you'll be given many to choose from. (Unfortunately if you just search for "dairy" you will get a lot of anti-dairy lists as well.) A few favorites include: Artisan Cheesemakers - Once a very active list on YahooGroups.  Now inactive. Artisan Cheesemakers Cave - Small, rather quiet group. Seems to be mostly home-level cheesemakers. Would benefit from additional members to help keep it active. dairycreamery - Discussion group, strictly for licensed small-scale commercial dairies and creameries.  Wannabes should apply to ‘dairystartup’ below.  dairysheep - Quite an active group discussing dairy sheep and the dairy sheep industry. dairystartup - Explore the possibilities of starting a commercial dairy (milking) or creamery (making dairy products).  There are some experienced folks on this list to help answer questions. familycow - It appears this group has been hit by spambots.  Not recommended. goatcheeseplus - Apparently no longer limited to goat cheese.  Content now includes all types of dairy, cheese, and dairy-related information. homedairygoats - If you don’t mind getting hundreds of e-mails about dairy goats each month (thousands at times), this may be the list for you. kefir-making - This list is to discuss the art of preparing traditional milk kefir of Caucasus with kefir-grains, and water kefir prepared with sugary kefir-grains. Odairy - a forum for farmers, service providers and supporters of organic dairy. RawDairy -  Topics include health and nutrition, cows, goats, sheep, butter, cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese, whey, buttermilk and all the issues around these, including political, social and economic. raw_goatmilk - Just what it says. GoogleGroups also has some cheesemaking discussion groups, but most seem to be limited to localities or followups to cheese courses.   A search of “dairy” on GoogleGroups yields more possibilities, but I’ll leave that to you. Participation seems to be low on most of them. Message Boards If you prefer to visit a site for discussions, rather than receiving e-mails, try a message board. Cheese Forum - Somewhat active bulletin board with many different categories.  Includes a classified section for cheese equipment. Family Cow Proboards - Appears to be quite an active bulletin board with lots of available topics. Miscellaneous #CheeseSolidarity - interesting musings about cheese