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Books & Supplies

SmallDairy Publications New & used dairy-related books (including rare books), plus two serial publications. Occasionally audio and video items are available. Alliance Pastorale (France) French site with many dairy, creamery and marketing supplies; may be a bit difficult to work with if you don't speak French. Bob-White Systems (Vermont) Cheesemaking supplies, books, butter churns, more. Caprine Supply (Kansas) Milking and veterinary supplies, a few books and publications, a few cheesemaking items. Nearly exclusive emphasis on goats.  Cheese Connection (Seattle) Good selection of cultures and other supplies for home- and artisan-scale cheesemaking. cheesecloth source Karen Hooper, 51 Plaza Drive, Mill Valley, CA 94941; 415-381-9381. This was submitted by a listserve member some time ago. cheeselabels.com (Wisconsin) Specializes in high resolution labels for cheese. Also barcodes and other promotional graphic products. No plates! The Cheesemaker (Wisconsin) Supplies and books for home cheesemaking. Cheesereporter.com Cheese Reporter is a weekly trade publication, mostly devoted to large-scale and world trade in cheese, but with occasional interesting topics for the rest of us. They also sell books (mostly textbooks) and videos. Coquard (France) French supplier with many items not readily available in the U.S.  French language proficiency is helpful, though they do offer an English version of the catalog.
Dahl Tech Inc  (Minnesota) Source of plastic bottles, recommended by e-mail list member. Dairy Connection  (Wisconsin) Formerly a culture house, Dairy Connection has expanded their inventory to include molds, books and small equipment. Dairyland Packaging Co.  (Wisconsin) Source of gift boxes imprinted with dairy cow design, with or without a holiday bow around the cow's neck.  Other packaging available as well. Formaticum  (New York) Providers of small quantities of cheese papers for home cheesemakers. Other supplies as well. Fromagex (Canada) If you are looking for access to French cultures and equipment, try Fromagex. Their site is bilingual and personnel are very friendly. They have an excellent on-line catalogue and will special order. Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply (Canada) Another great Canadian site where you can find imported equipment and supplies, including Dutch and French items. Web site and customer service folks are bilingual and easy to work with. The Grape and Granary (Ohio) Source of home cheesemaking supplies. Growers’ Discount Labels (New York) Specializing in labels for growers and processors, Growers' Discount Labels is fast and reliable (from personal experience!). They can make labels from your art work or help you with your design. Hamby Dairy Supply (Missouri) They mostly sell dairy equipment, but you can also purchase books, kits and processing items here. Hoegger Goat Supply (Georgia) Good selection of home dairy supplies and equipment, new books and magazines, with emphasis on goats and homesteading. Home Beer, Wine and Cheesemaking Shop (Ventura Hills, CA) Cheesemaking supplies sold on walk-in or call-in basis. No online sales. Labwear (Connecticut) Just what it says. Recommended by listserv member because they offer 100% cotton lab coats. Lacroix Packaging/Emballages Lacroix (international) Multilingual site specializing in wooden and cardboard cheese packaging. Leener's You-Make-Kit (Ohio) Popular site for home cheesemakers. Kits, supplies, cultures and a few books. Also kits for making butter, ice cream, wine, beer, sourdough, even bubble gum! Lehman's (Ohio) Many homesteaders are familiar with the Amish catalog that offered non-electric items. Now they are online with a good selection of home dairy supplies, some hard to find. M&M Industries (Tennessee) Source of nice food-grade buckets with ratchet lids that can be used to transport milk and for many other farm purposes. Moorlands Cheesemakers (United Kingdom) Cheesemaking supplier in U.K. Nelson-Jameson (Wisconsin) This is an old, reliable Wisconsin dairy supply company. I've found them especially helpful when it comes to valves, laboratory supplies, hairnets, gloves and the like. Keep their catalog handy! New England Cheesemaking Supply (Massachusetts) For years, NECS was the place to go for home cheesemaking supplies and books. They still are, but have recently expanded to offer services and equipment to small-scale commercial processors. One Ash Farm & Dairy Supply Company (South Carolina) Dairy, farm and homesteading supplies.  We have everything from pasteurizers to poultry fountains! Precision Cut Textiles Ltd (United Kingdom) Suppliers of disposable cheesecloth, which is BRC accredited and FDA approved. Members of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association.  We supply our material to a wide range of cheese makers. Presque Isle Wine (Pennsylvania) My favorite site for laboratory equipment and supplies. PureLabs  Specializes in sanitation chemicals. Free pocket guide when you mention smalldairy web site. Quality Containers of New England, Inc (Maine) Supplier of plastic and glass bottles, plus custom labeling services. The Rag Lady (Maryland)   Source of cheesecloth in bulk and various grades. Recorder Charts and Pens (California) Suppliers of temperature recorder charts and pens for chart recorders, pastuerization units, chillers and refridgeration units. Scholle Corp (international) Suppliers of packaging, including bag-in-a-box. Stanpac (Canada, Texas) The foremost supplier of glass milk bottles in the U.S. They also sell bottle washers and ice cream packaging. C. van't Reit Technology a.k.a. Schuller (in U.S.) Cultures, moulds, and more (also see their listing under Equipment).