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Learning Opportunities


Artisanal Cheese (Manhattan) Cheese Impresario (southern California) Mozzarella Company (Texas)    pair cheeses with wine and other food and drink Murray's Cheese (New York City)      they also do a 3-day "boot camp" for serious cheese aficionados Slow Food (local events around the country and internationally) Sweetgrass Dairy (Georgia)    tastings and pairings at on-farm shop Valley Shepherd Creamery (New Jersey)    cheese and wine/ale tastings with discussions Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at University of Vermont Washington County Cheesemaker's Guild (upstate New York) annual fall cheese tour of farmstead cheese facilities; associate cheese maker   program includes choice of tastings and/or cooking with cheese classes (scroll to bottom of page for link) Western North Carolina Cheese Trail  


Washington Artisan Cheese Festival (Seattle WA) April 7, 2013 Great Canadian Cheese Festival (Picton, Ontario)  June 1-2, 2013 American Cheese Society Festival of Cheese (Madison WI, August 3, 2013) Slow Food (gigantic cheese festival in Bra, Italy alternate years; last one was in September 2011.  2013 details are not yet available)
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